Meet the President

Barbra Hartbarger, OwnerHello, I’m Barbra Hartbarger, president and CEO of American Home & Living Solutions. I would love the opportunity to meet with you personally. Please feel free to phone me at: 254-953-8259

American Home & Living Solutions is not just another cleaning company. We are the only cleaning company that offers residential cleaning, organizing, staging and interior redesign. We believe these are the elements needed to create the ideal space. We specialize in creating the ideal home environment using these services. Every client will have their expectations surpassed on each and every visit.

American Home & Living Solutions does not just clean homes; we create an experience in these homes. Barbra, has personally trained her trainers and associates to duplicate what she has established. Barbra brings with her over twenty years of experience in residential cleaning, organizing, staging and interior redesign services.

American Home & Living Solutions works with each client to see their home maximized to its fullest potential. We can work with the client’s existing items to create a new and exsiting space. We teach our clients how to make small changes that will give the biggest impact. Barbra and her associates have a passion for making your home a place you can’t wait to show off!