Interior Redesign

“A home is not a mere transient shelter: its essence lies in the personalities of the people who live in it.”-H.L. Mencken, US writer & editor

Reflect for a moment on a peaceful time when you were most relaxed. Close your eyes and visualize your chosen place in detail. What colors do you see? What shapes and textures do you see? Do you hear music or other sounds? Can you sense a special aroma?

American Home & Living Solutions can assist you by incorporating those feeling into your home with our re-design service.

The way we organize our living spaces determines the amount of effort needed to complete basic household chores, affects our interaction with family members, and shapes the emotional quality of our day. When we live in a stress-free home we have the ability to move freely and easily through the home.

Creating a more functional and flexible space is the key to having a peaceful environment. American Home & Living Solutions wants to be your key to reshaping the floor plan of your home, moving activities to different rooms, rearranging furnishings, and finding new purposes for underutilized areas to assist in redefining the overall use of living space.

Together, we will help you define whether your home needs a few minor adjustments to shift the flow of traffic or identify major trouble spots. We will take careful inventory of your entire home and utilize what you have already to re-create a fresh updated look and use of space.

“Honor your house by giving it the lift it needs. Ultimately, the residual effects of a serene environment will overflow into every aspect of your life.”

-Barbra Hartbarger