Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services Temple, Texas

Our services include cleaning:
American Home & Living Solutions Standard Cleaning Checklist
  • Wipe down all counter top appliances, clean under & behind
  • Clean inside microwave / Windex the outside & polish
  • Clean all counter tops surfaces / polish with appropriate wax
  • Clean front & top of refrigerator
  • Clean stove top & hood
  • Clean back splash areas throughout the kitchen area
  • Wash top of trash can
  • Clean fronts of all cabinets / dust top ledge as needed
  • Clean front of dishwasher, open and clean the inside edges
  • Clean kitchen window ledge & Windex window
  • Dust blinds & wipe down spots with damp cloth
  • Clean stainless steel appliance with polish
  • Dry and buff fixtures to shine
  • Empty trash can & replace bag inside
  • Floor surfaces: Sweep, dry dust, vacuum, & mop according to the floor surface needs
  • Remove all trash
  • Remove small area carpets
  • Dust cabinets, window sills, blinds, & ledges
  • Dust light fixtures / wipe light bulbs with damp towel if there is no fixture
  • Clean and sanitize shower / walls, soap dishes, shower head
  • Clean and sanitize tub & ledges
  • Clean window in tub area
  • Clean and sanitize toilet area
  • Wash baseboards every visit
  • Clean and sanitize sink area
  • Mirrors are checked to be streak free
  • Dry and polish fixtures
  • Sweep & mop floor
  • Put liners in trash cans & place back in the bathroom area
  • Put small area carpet back in the bathroom area
Main living areas, Bedrooms, Etc.
  • Dust all ceiling fans throughout the home
  • Dust lamp shades
  • Dust all window sills & ledges
  • Dust all blinds
  • Dust all baseboards
  • Empty all trash cans throughout the home
  • Fold blankets, fluff pillows, straighten books, & smooth out bedding for neat appearance
  • Dust all picture frames & clean glass
  • Clean light switches with damp cloth
  • Clean door handles with damp cloth
  • Dust all doors & door frames / will use damp cloth as needed
  • Windex sliding glass doors
  • Windows without curtains will be cleaned
  • Floors Surfaces: Dry dust mop, vacuum, and /or damp mop
  • Clean front door glass & back door glass
  • Remove all trash from the home
Additional Services Available
  • Change bed linens
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Pick up & drop off dry cleaning
  • Power washing outside areas
  • General Housekeeping
  • Pet care while in the home
  • First level window washing